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This is your guide for items you need when purchasing one of our Puppies

First items to purchase for your new puppy.

Exercise Pen for inside - I prefer a pen for inside the kitchen area or another room without carpeting. This allows me to have the puppy safe while I am away from home or busy and unable to keep an eye on the Yorkie puppy.

Exercise Pen for Outside - I prefer an exercise pen for outside also and I tend to have this be much larger then the inside pen. I like it to be out of heavy plastic so it doesn't blow over in the wind or rain or snow. I place this near the door so when I take the puppy outside I know he/she is safe and I am inside where it is not raining or cold or snowing. This also allows me to watch the puppy so he/she is safe and ready to come back inside.

Beds..yes beds, I find that the Puppies love to feel snuggled. I recommend purchasing two-three of them at least. One in the inside exercise pen, one for in the playpen that the Puppy will sleep in if it does not sleep in the exercise pen, and then the third bed in the family room for the Puppy to rest on and be with the family.  

Dishes..again I think you should get at least four sets. One for in the inside exercise pen, one set for in the kitchen, one set for the playpen and the last for outside. I prefer the low rise ceramic dishes as they wash well in the dishwasher and also don't tip over easily. Puppies love short sided dishes. puppies love actual human baby toys and then also small puppy toys.

Apparel.. Coats, sweater and cute stuff. Remember if your cold your puppy is cold too.

Food & Treats, do not purchase inexpensive treats, puppies have delicate tummies. Puppies are on Diamond Puppy Formula Food. Check for retail locations near you at or you can change them to a high quality food of you and your vets choice. You need to slowly introduce the new food. Add small amount of new food daily til they are completely changed over. Not doing so will give your puppy loose stools.

Piddle Pads Both Washable and Disposable 

Baby Shampoo & a Brush

Harness & Lead 

Nail Clippers 

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