Teacups require extra supervision, warmth, & require supplemental hand feedings & always stays with the breeder much longer than a regular pup does.  A breeder of tinies will be thinking of the teacup pups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and plan his/her life around those puppies until the pups are old or big enough to move into their new homes.

The most important rule is to always have food and water available to your puppy at all times and be sure you actually see them eating. Hand feed them every 3-4 hours during the day if you are not sure....from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed.  A high quality food is a must, I feed Diamond Puppy it is the best dry food we have found for these tiny guys.  New pup buyers that syringe feed their new pups 3 to 4 times a day, 15 to 20 CC's of Chicken Baby Food mixed with nutristat for the first 10 to 14 days after receiving their new pup, never have a low sugar attack.

Teacups must replenish their energy more frequently than larger puppies. Hypoglycemia (sometimes called sugar shock, low blood sugar, sugar down) is a condition where the blood sugar level drops to an extremely low level, usually due to lack of food, or by using up all stored energy without it being replenished (playing/running for extended periods of time, shivering out of nervousness or being chilled, stress, etc...) without eating to replenish their energy teacups can end up with hypoglycemia.  Teacups are prone to this because they have such tiny digestive systems and can only store a little bit of food (energy) in their bodies at one time. Creamy Peanut butter on the roof of their mouths a few times daily, works wonders!

It is always easier to PREVENT hypoglycemia than treat it....always make sure your teacup is eating every 3-4 hours, even if only a small amount, and even if you have to hand feed him/her. Just having food available is not always good enough. Nutrastat( a low volume paste vitamin/mineral supplement for show, working, or dogs under stress) is highly recommended to feed 1-3 pea size globs 3-5 times a day....especially first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime.  If your teacup is handled a lot by other people or has a rousing/energetic time of play (which they are very playful) then give some nutra-cal in the middle of play time or at the end of playtime before they lay down to take a nap. When your teacup matures out he/she may not need nutra-cal supplements and should be able to go 3-5 hours without eating if they are not having a super active day. It is a good idea to have nutra-cal with you when you are gone for the day as it's easy to feed and keeps the teacup "on the go" from having low blood sugar. (Low blood sugar is a juvenile condition and all pups grow out of it after 2 lbs of weight or 6 months of age.)
Symptoms of Hypoglycemia:
Your puppy may exhibit one or more of these signs.  The gums of a normal puppy will be bright reddish/pink just like human gums....gums that are pale in places or light pink mean the blood sugar levels are dropping.  If the gums are white....your pup needs quick attention to avoid a hypoglycemic coma.  If they are white I recommend waffle syrup on the tongue 1 CC every 15 minutes until the gums return to the normal pink color. (3 CC's max in 1st hour)

Another sign that is usually seen is vomiting on an empty stomach (clear liquid or bile) or salvia (foamy at the mouth).  If your little pup has not eaten in awhile give them food or waffle syrup immediately.

More signs are: acting listless and tired, sometimes walking with an unsteady walk as if drunk, shakiness, falling over, and in extreme cases even laying on their sides and being totally unresponsive....in this extreme case if the puppy is not given a quick form of nutrition (by prying their mouth open just enough) like waffle syrup, honey, sugar water, nutra-cal to raise the blood sugar quickly, coma and death will result.  After giving waffle syrup you should see improvement and your tiny pup will be more alert in about 10 minutes (if not repeat and give more waffle syrup) If you see no signs of improvement or responsiveness, your teacup appears comatose RUSH to the NEAREST veterinarian office for glucose by injection or I.V. to save it's life. When your pup perks up and feels a little better, do this from now on;  Syringe feed their new pups 3 to 4 times a day, 15 to 20 CC's Chicken Baby food mixed with Nutristat.

Monitor Gum Color, Monitor Body Temperature (teacups under 2 pounds cannot properly maintain the correct temperature and frequently get chilled, especially if they haven't had enough to eat)...Feel the ears, if the ears are warm you are o.k., but if the ears are cold the puppy is cold.  If you are not sure put  your finger in the teacup's mouth, it should be very warm, almost hot. If it isn't, warm the pup with a towel or blanket out of the clothes dryer and watch for low glucose signs.

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